Pressure Vessel Inspection, Testing and Recertification

If you use or own a pressure system, it is your responsibility to know the safe operating limits of your system and that your systems are safe under those conditions.

Working from our purpose built premises in Deeside, we provide a wide range of pressure vessel testing services complying with Pressure System Safety Regulations 2000 and in accordance with BS EN 1968:2002.

Pressure Vessel Inspection and Testing Services

  • Volumetric Expansion - testing General Pressure Vessels, CO2 Cylinders, Hydraulic Accumulators, Air Receiver, Fire Suppressant Systems and Pipe work, we have comprehensive Volumetric Expansion facilities allowing testing up to 60,000PSI on our own premises and up to 25,000PSI at yours.
  • Accumulator Recertification - Available within 48 hours on products manufactured by: QHP, HYDAC, EPE, BOSCH, FCH, GREER, NIPPON, SAIP and PARKER
  • Vessel Pipework Systems Testing - no matter how big or small your project - we provide testing up to 60,000PSI (4200BAR) and vacuum testing.
  • Onsite Testing - all vessels can be tested at your site saving you time and money. Please note: pressure testing can be carried out in conjunction with a full Non-Destructive Testing service.
  • Service and Repair - we can provide routine services, repairs or modifications to your plant smoothly and efficiently - keeping downtime to a minimum.

Certification of Pressure Systems

The documentation and certification of pressure systems is a legal requirement. Once the pressure testing of your systems has been completed, Fluid Power Centre Ltd will complete all of the necessary documentation and certifications to ensure you comply.

During the pressure vessel inspection and pressure vessel testing process a full audit and evaluation of your plant and equipment (that require compliance), including pressure vessels, will be conducted. Once complete, we will present you with a document that specifies procedures and test dates for each individual item.

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